Alexis S. | June 23, 2018

This was a lot of fun! Coach ET did a great job, and it was a fun first archery experience. I also learned a lot and got better over the course of the hour. Would recommend!

Mike R. | July 16, 2018

Eric was awesome! He was a great teacher! My girlfriend had never shot a bow before and he had her shooting like a champ in no time! Glad he is getting a new location this one was HOT and hard to find. Overall experience though was GREAT!

Shana C. | June 16, 2018

Had a wonderful time during my session! Eric was full of knowledge and patients! I will definitely be going back for another session 🙂

Alexandria H. | May 7, 2018

It was really fun! I signed up for a lesson for two with Coach ET, It was another couple there, so it was girls vs. boys. After an hour I wanted to keep going another hour! Coach ET was really nice; I’ll definitely be going back again.

Elizabeth B. | May 6, 2018

We had a wonderful time learning the fundamentals with Coach E.T. We were much more comfortable and confident shooting by the end of the lesson and ended up signing up for the full five-week course afterward. I would highly recommend anyone interested in Archery go this route.

Cary M. | April 29, 2018

Coach ET was great w my nephew. He emphasized safety repeatedly w/ him and took us through step by step before proceeding to shooting at targets. This is a great opportunity for beginners. He even honored our Groupon after it had expired. I love the way that he also makes an impact by investing in others and the youth w the gift of archery:)

Marianne S. | March 30, 2018

Very good teacher easy going, works well with kids.

Mike H | January 29, 2018

Eric is a great instructor. He did a great job making us comfortable with the bow, and introducing us to the archery. I would recommend buying this groupon!

Shamala S. | September 12, 2017

Coach ET is the best, very patient with the students.

Arvindvivek | June 7, 2017

ET is a great Instructor. He could get anyone started from scratch. Nice experience.

Daniel M. | April 24, 2017

Coach ET is great and very good at what he does. I highly recommend learning this great sport with him.

Joseph K. | January 12, 2017

This was an amazing experience! My instructor was not only knowledgeable and able, but a great teacher who loves what he does. He is a very nice person. He has been an archer for over 40 years yet he knows how to explain things to a novice. I cannot say enough good things about him.

Melinda R. | January 5, 2017

Our instructor was fun and knowledgeable and the kids loved it! Would love to go back as a family and take more lessons when time and money permit.

Daniel M. | November 25, 2016

The instructor is great. Great experience.

Cynthia C. | November 21, 2016

The instructor was very pleasant and patient.